Somewhere between 10-15 people showed up at church last Saturday and during the week before to clean out gutters, rake leaves, wash windows, straighten cupboards, and bring some order to the rear entry of our building.  This is one example of stewardship.

A few more people oversaw the pick-up of Butter Braids ordered during our recent fundraiser.  There were familiar faces popping in and out from our known faith family and others who were new to us.  It is always an opportunity when somebody walks into the building for the first time.  This is another example of stewardship.

As buildings and grounds were being cleaned, a couple of people spread out a beautiful array of autumn’s abundance on our altar.  This visual will focus our attention and our gratitude in worship during the next two Sundays.  This is a third example of stewardship.

The Toys for Tots tree is up, and the Mayfield Mega Package Wrapping Day is set for December 16.  A fourth stewardship example is before us.

Earlier in the month we took time to name and remember those we have loved and said good bye to in the last year.  From them we have received much.  Their influence in our lives is undeniable.  This remembrance is also a stewarding of our resources.

As we consider the financial commitments we will make to Mayfield in 2015, let us remember the breadth and width of what we are called to steward.  Stewardship is our trust in who and what the Spirit has gathered here and our care for and sharing from all of that.  Stewardship is wrapped around our understanding that our lives can be transformed when we make good use of our resources of money, energy, compassion, creativity, humor, and hope.  Be joyful and unafraid in such stewardship.  Martha