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After the Feast Days

When you wonder if your work is done . . . if you are alive, it isn’t.  Ascension Day people are trusted vessels of God’s spirit.  Open up to receive what may be coming.

“Because I Said So”

When someone asks you, “How do you know this? Why do you believe this? Where have you beheld this?” answer “Because Jesus said so.” We come to church to share what we have heard, what we have experienced of the voice of God, and to learn what it means to witness to that voice.

Halleluja! Easter message 2014


Easter and resurrection are not about a return to what had been but about the coming of something new. New behaviors, new attitudes — that is the resurrected life.

How Can This Be?


The Gospel of John, Chapter 9. Jesus opens one man’s eyes. Seeing is a matter of our eyes and our hearts and of how we move in this world as people who know how to love.