Pastor Martha began her ministry with Mayfield Church in May 2013.

Martha earned her Master of Divinity degree at Andover Newton Theological School in Massachusetts in 1978.  A native of upstate New York, she had always lived in the Northeast.  Her ancestors were New England shipbuilders and she describes her family as “tied to the Atlantic Ocean,” but as it happens, her first call in ordained ministry came from the Midwest, to a church in inner city St. Louis.  She admits, “When I moved to St. Louis, I carried a seashell in my pocket.”

Today Martha feels most at home in the Midwest, especially on its prairies and agricultural landscapes.   She compares the rural setting of Mayfield to the “expansiveness of the ocean, where human beings are definitely in the scheme of things but with a powerful knowledge that we are not in charge of it all.”  Martha explains, “I feel well here.  It is a time of integration for me in some familiar, deep place.  This sort of setting helps my ministry.  It’s always about spiritual formation and growth, regardless of the context.  It’s a question of where we find the Spirit, how we listen for the presence of the Divine in whatever place we find ourselves now.”

Martha was trained to do intensive urban work, and for many years as a parish pastor that is exactly what she did in some of the poorest neighborhoods of St. Louis.  She has also served many kinds and sizes of churches over the course of her 35 years of ordained ministry as well as social service agencies such as hospice and domestic violence programs.  She welcomes the opportunity to bring that diverse experience to Mayfield Church and looks forward to meeting you at “the Light in the Country.”