Her call came at an interesting time.  Katie, the young reporter from the Daily Chronicle, was preparing to write a piece a few days ago on upcoming plans in area churches for the observance of Lent.  I couldn’t talk with her just then.  I had pulled into someone’s driveway where I was due for a visit.  We agreed to speak again later in the afternoon.  She did manage to tell me that she wanted to know about the special activities we would include during Lent.  I thought to myself, “This will be an interesting conversation since Lent at Mayfield is going to center in stillness rather than ramped-up programming.”

When Katie and I resumed our phone conversation later, she also wanted to know how we approach a story we know well from a fresh perspective.  An advantage of stillness is that its intentional emptiness leaves room for the new and untried to appear, for surprise to makes its way into the room.  A familiar story then reveals truths, direction, and challenge for us beyond where we have been before.  I invite all of us into the stillness of the season.  Ash Wednesday worship is at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 18.  Be among us as we enter the season focusing on “Facets of Stillness.”  Those facets will include:

February 18 (Ash Wednesday) – The Invitation of Hibernation

February 22 (Lent 1) – Less Visible Resources

March 1 (Lent 2) – Seeking the Genuine

March 8 (Lent 3) – A Door into the Temple

March 15 (Lent 4) – For the Fierceness of One Another

March 22 (Lent 5) – Heart Gift

March 29 (Palm Sunday) – Calm Beneath

We will catch our breath, pause together in stillness, and open up space for fresh encounters with the Holy One who will call and companion us into new life.  Martha